The Incredible, Sustainable, Mona B.!

The Incredible, Sustainable, Mona B.!

Published by Elizabeth Anne on Nov 9th 2020

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In today’s blog post I want to feature one of the newest brands I have partnered with in my shop. As you know, I am always looking out for companies who put a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, while creating a product that is truly beautiful and unique. 
That’s why I was so excited when I was introduced to Mona B.! 
This brand not only takes eco-friendliness to the next level, the products are of phenomenal quality and her designs are so unique, fun and have their own sense of adventure! Read on and learn about the incredible process Mona B. has innovated to create her beautiful products, and why they are so special. Click on any of the product images to learn about each individual item.

Sunny Up-Cycled Tote

Mona B. practices something called "zero-waste manufacturing." That means that there is no by-product from the manufacturing process... and THAT means that nothing goes into the landfill as a result! How is this possible?? Mona B. has innovated a process that turns something old and worn, into something new and beautiful. So where does she get her raw material?... 

Create and Conserve Small Crossbody

Her signature bags are made entirely from discarded textile from the military!  The military...??  Yep, the military.  Think army tents and truck tarps. Can you believe it?? These fabrics lived a long life keeping people safe and protected.   Thanks to Mona B, this discarded material is given a second chance at life and is made into something completely new, useful and beautiful!  Through an innovative re-milling process, the canvas tarps are broken down and re-woven to produce a strong, zero-waste fabric.  This process helps to incorporate every scrap or piece of excess material that would have otherwise taken up space in landfills. 

Live Love Wander Tote


What's even better?  They have gotten so good at this new process that they are even taking the scraps from other factories to incorporate into their products.  What does this mean?  Not only does Mona B practice zero-waste manufacturing, they are also able to diminish waste from other neighboring factories as well!  Diverting tons of post-consumer waste reduces pollution and conserves resources. 
These handbags are then hand stitched, and screen printed using water based dyes, reducing environmental risk even more. Mona B’s zero-waste manufacturing eliminates all excess waste, as it is repurposed for detailed design accents and different constructional components. 
Owning an up-cycled canvas handbag from Mona B is one way you can reduce your own environmental footprint while maintaining a style that is completely sustainable!

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